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Paternity Test - Who's Your Daddy?


One of the worst imaginable nightmares for a parent is discovering that the child you've loved for years isn't yours. Thousands of suspicious husbands are turning to a paternity test to uncover the truth.

Paternity Test - Father’s Pride

In one case Paul decided to order a paternity test to determine whether Sam was his biological son. Having been a devoted father to Sam up to the age of 7 Paul said, "I was in complete shock. It wasn't what I wanted." But after attending Sam's birth, Paul says he felt "humbled and happy. The nurses had to prise him out of my arms to do the normal tests!"


Shortly after Sam's 5th birthday Paul, 38, met Marian and within a few months asked her to marry him. Marian also becamse close friends with Paul's mother, but during one of the couple's visits to her home, and in frustration at the noise young Sam was making while playing, Paul's mother said to Marian, "Well, he's no grandson of mine!" When Marian asked her to explain, "She was vague, and didn't want to go into details."

Gradually, this was compounded by other people's doubts as to whether Sam was Paul's son and the day before the couple's wedding Paul's former girlfriend threatened that he would never see Sam again if the marriage went ahead. Paul said he would order a paternity test to prove he was Sam's father and would then seek a court order granting him access. "I had no doubt the test would prove positive and would settle things once and for all," he said about the test.


Following the paternity test Paul had only to look at Marian's face when he returned from work to know that the paternity test had proved that Sam's DNA did not match his own.

The advent of the paternity test in the past 15 years has left no room for doubt when establishing paternity and is being used increasingly in cases such as Paul's to allay the doubts and suspicions of parents and children alike.

Nature vs Nurture

As he continues to struggle with the outcome of the paternity test he carried out on Sam, Paul is clear about where he stands on the nature-vs-nurture debate. "For six years I know I made a good job of raising that lad. I fed him, watched him smile and cry. I taught him to ride a bike. When he was scared I was there."

After hearing the paternity test result Paul and Marian asked Sam's mother if they could adopt the boy, but she refused.

New Beginnings

Marian later gave birth to the couple's first child. Paul's advice to those considering a paternity test would be to seek professional counselling before doing so.

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