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Urinalysis can only detect drug use within 2 to 3 days, but unlike this and other alternative drug testing methods, hair drug tests can detect drug use during a much longer period. For head hair, the standard window of detection is 90 days, while for body hair, the window is 12 months. This makes hair drug tests more ideal for employment screening requirements.

A variety of drugs analysed

Who’z the Daddy’s hair strand drug test is able to test for a variety of illegal drugs using a wide range of drug testing panels, which is available for clients who wish to test for specific substances. Here’s the full list of illicit drugs our hair drug test can detect.

Hair drug tests can be done anonymously

If you need to have someone drug tested anonymously, it can be done. Recommended for personal or family use, our anonymous hair drug testing option does not require a registered sampler to confirm the identity of the person being tested. Limited documentation is involved, and the donor’s name is not mentioned in the test results.

A legal drug testing option is also available

While anonymous hair drug testing is an option you can take, in case you need legally defensible DNA test results, you may be pleased to know that we are also offering legal hair drug testing. If you need drug test results for a court case or for pre-employment requirements, for example, you can simply upgrade to a Legal Hair Drug test for an additional £40.

Please note that legal testing requires a doctor or professional sampler to collect the hair sample. They will also confirm the identity of the donor.

Science behind the test

Unlike other DNA samples, hair samples are more difficult to adulterate. Your sample would not be affected by your shampoo, hair product, or even hair color. You can rest easy knowing that the products you use in your hair will not affect your drug test results.

For only £84, you can get tested by an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory with over 16 years of experience in testing for drug abuse. After your hair sample reaches our laboratory, you can expect to receive your results in as little as 3 to 5 working days only.

Sample Collection

The hair drug test requires a simple specimen collection. In the drug testing kit that we will send you, you will find a hair specimen pouch, a collection foil, and a clear plastic bag. All you need to do is collect around 90 to 120 strands of hair from different places around the crown of your head. If your hair is shorter than ½ inch, it is recommended that you use body hair instead.

If you collect body hair, mark on the sample collection form that the sample is body hair. Do not mix head hair and body hair. Take a look at our sample collection instructions for more information.


If I dyed my hair, will it affect the results?

No, having the hair coloured will not affect the resuts.

Can I use body hair?

It is not recommended to use body hair. Besides, it is accepted, it represents a more distant time frame than head hair and the approximate time period cannot be identified due to the high variability of growth rates.

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