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Paternity Test and Why Consent Matters


A paternity test cannot be carried out without the consent of the alleged father and all other participants. Whether taking a paternity test for peace of mind or for legal purposes, each person required to provide a sample must also give consent. In many cases, a test is ordered by the courts because one or more parties has refused to take part in a voluntary paternity test, in which case consent is only required from those people who aren’t the subject of the order.In the majority of cases a paternity test requires consent from the mother before a DNA sample can be taken. This makes the testing process much easier because the paternity test can eliminate the matching maternal DNA, leaving only the father’s DNA to compare.

Child’s Consent

A DNA sample must be taken from the child so that the person conducting the paternity test has something with which to compare the alleged father’s DNA. In this case consent needs to be given by whoever has responsibility for the child. This could be the mother, father, appointed guardian or trustee, or a representative of the authorities if the child is in care.

Father’s Consent

A paternity test requires consent from the alleged father, which allows a sample to be taken for matching with the DNA from the child. If there is more than one alleged father, two tests will be required or two samples from the child and mother in order to make matching easier.

All parties must consent to the test so that no person’s rights are violated. This is why testing bodies send out standard consent forms with their sampling kits, or ask for written consent before a sample is taken. Such consent protects those being tested as well as those doing the testing.

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