Dog Poop DNA Testing

Dog poop DNA testing can put an end to the problem of dog feces, help find out which dog pooped it and who didn't scoop after their dog.More

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DNA My Dog

Our Canine DNA test will help you determine the true genetic background of your mixed breed dog, understanding the breeds that make up your pet.More

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Dog Parentage Testing

Whether you would like to provide a scientifically sound pedigree or simply curious, our Dog Parentage Test will verify the parentage of your dog.More

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Wisdom Panel® 2.0
Dog Breed Identification Testing

Take the guesswork out with our dog breed identification DNA test. Understand the key breeds in your dog with a simple DNA test.More

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Feline PKD Disease Test

Ensure the wellbeing of your cat and its future litters. With our Feline PKD Test you can take the steps to eliminating a debilitating disease from the gene pool. Prices start from just £44 and results are ready in 10 days.More

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Dog Inherited Disease Test

Test for a number of diseases that your dog might be genetically susceptible to and ensure their wellbeing with the Dog Inherited Disease Test.More

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Avian DNA Sexing

Find out whether your bird is male or female with out Avian DNA Sexing test. Prices start from just £13 and results take 5 days.   This test is not available.More

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