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Thanks to huge advances in DNA testing technology and genealogy studies, we are able to offer a high resolution DNA test that will accurately tell you where exactly your ancestors came from. This test is not your average ancestry test and provides you with a much deeper analysis into your roots. Results will zoom into your ancestry locating the true origins of your ancestors.

Hence, if you wonder whether your ancestors where Italian, Scottish, Irish, Swedish or German or from any other country, this test could help you find those answers.

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The GPS Origins™ ancestry test starts from just £129 for testing 1 person. Additional individuals can be tested at a discounted price. Contact us today to get your discount.

The test is highly suited for anyone who:

  • Wishes to learn more about their ancestry
  • Wants a more recent picture of their ancestry
  • Wants to get a more accurate picture of where their DNA originated from

Some details about the GPS Origins™

The test matches your DNA markers to countries, islands, cities and even villages across the world where those markers appear most frequently. The results are a compelling and exhaustive deep ancestry report for those who want to trace their family roots back for many generations, way before family records were kept. The report provides detailed maps showing the migration routes starting from an exact point of origin, giving you a wealth of details about where your ancestors lived and where migrated. The test analyses 800,000 autosomal genetic markers, 862 reference populations and 36 gene pools.

View sample results by clicking here 

 The results are an online interactive report, this pdf is just a sample.

Science behind the test

The GPS Origins algorithm was developed at the University of Sheffield in 2016, led by the research team of Dr. Eran Elhaik. Dr. Elhaik, a population geneticist. Most recently, the journal Nature published a peer-reviewed paper describing the science behind the algorithm on April 29th, 2014. The accuracy of the test was demonstrated by identifying the DNA signature of ancient Ashkenazic Jews and their formation approximately 1,500-2,000 years ago.

Sample Collection

All we need is a mouth swab sample! Once you have ordered your test, we will send out the sample collection kit, complete with everything inside it to collect your DNA samples. Just rub the swabs inside your mouth for 10 seconds and send them back to us for testing.
Your kit will include:

  • X4 mouth swabs
  • A self-addressed envelope to return your samples
  • Instructions

GPS origins results: When a grandparent originated from 2 countries

The test works best for individuals that have each parent originating from a single country and father and/or mother are not of mixed origin. If any of your parents originated from 2 countries (meaning that they had one parent from one country and another parent from another country), the GPS Origins™ test will take a midway point for their ancestral migration path. This means that if, for example, your father is half Greek and half English the test would trace the middle migration path which in this particular example would be Hungary.


Are you adopted?

Sometimes adopted kids know very little about their true origins. They may in fact have no idea of where exactly their birth parents originated from and where their roots actually lie. In such cases, the GPS Origins™ can give you some of the answers you are looking for by helping you get a fair idea of where your geo-genetic origins lie

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