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Paternity Test - Arrest Warrant for Zimbabwean Football Legend


An arrest warrant was recently issued for the famous Zimbabwean football legend Peter Ndlovu. Ndlovu’s wife Sharon Dee (whose real name is Carol Dlamini) filed for divorce last November citing infidelity as the cause and since then a court battle between Ndlovu and Dee has been in progress to assess maintenance costs for their children.

Ndlovu has two children with Sharon Dee and the arrest warrant was issued because he didn’t take a scheduled paternity test and was a no-show for a recent court appearance. The paternity test would have cost in the region of £182 for one child and for tests on himself and two children he would have paid around £388.

Seeking Maintenance Money

Sharon Dee is seeking in the region of £2,715 a month for their children from the soccer star and around £750 a month for herself as well as help paying her mortgage. However, according to some reports, the footballer is destitute and unable to pay these amounts.

If these reports are true it explains why he failed to show at the maintenance court but it’s also a shocking revelation because Ndlovu has earned millions of pounds during his long and fruitful career. Amongst his acheievements, he once scored a stunning hat-trick at Enfield against Liverpool and for a while he was actually known as the longest ever serving African player in the whole of the UK.

Personal Life

Although Ndlovu didn’t turn up at court, causing a warrant for his arrest to be issued, he did send his lawyer to court that day who said that Ndlovu had other pressing matters to attend to. Later, on the evening of the court appearance no–show Ndlovu played in a match where he scored one of the team’s two goals.

Sharon Dee famously said: “nothing can fix our marriage” when she filed for divorce from the star and it’s not the first time Ndlovu has split from a lover with whom he has had children. Although the two married in 1997 and spent most of their married life in the UK, Ndlovu has been flagrantly unfaithful and even fathered children with his mistresses.

In 2004 he was ordered to pay maintenance for a child he had with Alice Thabulo. The same year another woman named Amina Esof also claimed maintenance charges against him for a child he fathered. It was in 2007 that the final straw came for Sharon Dee though, when a woman named Ntswaki Khathong, a Zimbabwean woman, told the SA press that she had miscarried Ndlovu's baby following a two year fling. She claimed she was told by Ndlovu that he was single throughout their relationship.

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