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Paternity Test For Man Accused of Unlawful Sex


A man in the US, named Dillon Bevan Williams, was ordered by the court to take a paternity test last month in a case which revolved around his alleged unlawful sex with a girl aged less than 16 years old. He was accused of having unlawful intercourse with the teenager who gave birth to a child last December and he was ordered to carry out a paternity test to ascertain whether or not he is the baby’s father by Valerie Stephens, a Senior Magistrate in relation to the case.

William's lawyer Stephen Daniels put in the application for the paternity test and defended his client, saying that the town had showed a lot of support for Williams and that he intended to prove the man’s innocence. Williams is scheduled to be on trial at the High Court in October 2009.

Initially, Williams was being represented by a different lawyer named Cheryl Rosan but he told the court he would no longer be represented by her as he couldn’t afford to pay her fees. Daniels claimed to have taken Rosan’s place because members of the community had approached him and told him that Williams was innocent and must have suitable representation in order to clear his name.

The Accusations

Allegedly, Williams had unlawful sexual intercourse with the girl when she was under the age of 16 which led to her becoming pregnant. Speaking in court the prosecution pointed out the fact that Williams had refused to have a sperm test during earlier investigations. According to the prosecution, Williams had asked the young woman to come to his home in April 2008 and thinking herself his friend she had gone to visit him at his house.

Whilst she was there she was invited in to his bedroom and there, it is claimed that Williams began kissing her, before removing both his and her clothing. The prosecution say that the teenager then tried to resist Williams’ advances but that her resistance was unsuccessful as he still had sexual intercourse with her.

The prosecution also added that following her experience with Williams the teenager didn’t tell her parents about the event. It is postulated that if she had not become pregnant the issue might have never come to light.

However, her parents noticed that she was not menstruating 8 months after her alleged sex with Williams and it was then confirmed with her doctor that she was pregnant. She finally spoke out about Williams and a police report was made. Subsequently, Williams was arrested. He was granted bail for $20,000 and has to report to the station three times a week to present his passport to officers there as proof that he is respecting the terms of his bail agreement.

Speaking about the girl’s claims Williams said that he did not have sex with her, but added that he is guilty of attempting to, however, he claims he ‘constrained’ himself. He said he would never want anything bad to happen to her and that he had respect for her family. He said her claims regarding sex were simply untrue.

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