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DNA Testing – Top American Hobby


DNA testing is America’s second favourite hobby next to gardening. Hobby’s used to be low tech, simple occupations that kept our minds off the general day to day pressures of life – collecting stamps, gardening, knitting, playing with train sets – now DNA testing is becoming one of the fastest growing most popular hobby around. DNA testing is used extensively in the States as part of the genealogy trend to uncover family history.

DNA Testing – Tracing The Ancestors

America has always prided itself on being one huge melting pot. Nationalities from all over the world headed to the United States to start a new life. Searching for a better life, fleeing from poverty, discrimination or persecution, America is the land of the free, but a big price has been paid. Its native people were  both killed and conquered in order to build the democracy that we know today, and the country embraced slavery, bringing millions of blacks from Africa to America, cutting  all links to their family, history and roots. DNA testing has offered many Americans a way to once more again reconnect with their pasts.

DNA Testing Rewrites History

As well as being able to confirm the identity many people carry around with them, DNA testing can also throw a few spanners into the works. It can be quite a shock to discover that you are not for example mostly of European descent, but African or the other way around. DNA testing shows you simply cannot take people at face value as underneath facial features and the colour of our skin; it’s the genetic make-up in our DNA that uncovers the true story.

DNA Testing – New Wave

The need for genealogical testing in the form of DNA tests has been dubbed as a ‘new wave’ that has made American’s relive some uncomfortable moments in their history. Some DNA tests reveal black Americans that have a strong European make up, confirming that many black women were impregnated by their white slave owners. It’s estimated that 30% of black Americans undertaking DNA testing will discover European ancestry on their paternal side.

As a result of this, taking a DNA test to discover genealogy can open up many a can of worms. It’s important that if you are considering taking a DNA test you prepare yourself for the secrets and twists that would have normally have been left in the archives of history.

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