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DNA Tests - To Baldly Go


The spectre of male pattern baldness is something that hangs over many men but DNA tests are being formulated to predict a man’s predisposition for going bald later in their lifetime.

There are many rumours that fly around about baldness, i.e. that men get baldness from their mother’s side and women from their father’s. The truth, however, is that baldness isn’t sufficiently well understood for claims like this to be made. However, advancement in DNA tests has allowed scientists to predict the likelihood of a man going bald in later life.

Gone are the days where men have to frantically check their family trees for incidences of baldness. New forms of DNA tests are taking the unpredictability out of baldness and giving men the answers as to whether they need to prepare for life without their hair. The new tests that are proving so successful in predicting baldness work by searching for a genetic variant in a man’s DNA make-up that 95% of all bald men share.

DNA Tests - What the Results Mean

For those undergoing DNA tests to determine their propensity for baldness it may not be the most enjoyable of experiences but at least the results will give them an understanding of what lies in store for them. If a man is shown to have the genetic variable for baldness after tests have been carried out, then they have a 60% chance of going bald before the age of 40. Most tests of this type can also check for a less common genetic variant which will show that a man has an 85% chance of not going bald by the age of 40.

Limitations of the Baldness Test

DNA tests are 100% reliable when it comes to establishing parentage and ancestral relations but some argue that in the case of predicting baldness, DNA tests have a number of shortcomings. Angela Christiano, a DNA expert from Columbia University, states, “It is hard to pinpoint the cause of baldness because very few genes connected to hair loss have been identified”.

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