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DNA Paternity Test for Celebrities


Many Paternity Test battles have involved celebrities and in all cases only a DNA paternity test can truly resolve the issue.

Emotional Support

The majority of celebrity fathers will do everything possible to be good fathers to their offspring, even if the children resulted from a paternity battle and a DNA paternity test was required, but although a DNA paternity test and court battle may mean the father in question paying child support, the emotional investment isn’t always as straightforward. In 1997 actor Kevin Costner claimed he was tricked following a three-month affair that resulted in the birth of his youngest son, and subsequently said that this child will never mean as much to him as his other children.

DNA Paternity Tests Tell No Lies

A DNA paternity does not lie, which might explain why tennis player Boris Becker eventually conceded that he was the father of a ten-month baby girl after model Angela Ermakova launched a paternity suit claiming the child was conceived in a cupboard at a London restaurant. Becker later issued this brief statement to the press: “I do accept the fatherhood, I take responsibility, and I will take care of little Anna.” Becker had agreed to a DNA paternity test and had no choice but to accept the results.

Vital DNA Paternity Test

A DNA paternity test can be vital to a court battle, especially when issues of child support and visitation rights come into the equation. And some of the more high-profile paternity cases have involved Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, who is no stranger to DNA paternity tests, having undergone two court battles with two different lovers.

Child Support

In 1970 his first daughter, Karis, was born as a result of his affair with Marsha Hunt. The only way to confirm a man is the father of a child is through a DNA paternity test and Hunt was successfull in suing the multi-millionaire for child support.

DNA Paternity Test Proof

Next was Luciana Morad, a Brazilian supermodel, who had an affair with Jagger leading to the end of his twenty-year relationship with Jerry Hall. A DNA paternity test proved that Jagger was the father of Luciana’s baby and Jagger agreed to increase child support payments to a sizeable £10,000 monthly sum for his baby son until right up to the age of twenty-one.

DNA Paternity Test Is Crucial

A DNA paternity test can be crucial for celebrities who stand to lose (or gain) substantial amounts of money depending on the result of the test. Anna Nicole Smith’s baby daughter is currently the subject of a paternity battle after a Los Angeles judge ordered a DNA paternity test because photographer Larry Brikhead filed a lawsuit claiming the child to be his.

Mel B, of the Spice Girls, is also reported to be ready to unleash her revenge on ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy by revealing the results of her DNA paternity test live on TV. She was publicly dumped by Murphy during a TV interview.

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