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DNA Paternity Test – Sperm Donor Dads


DNA Paternity Test, if you were conceived from a sperm donor, why would you want to know who your ‘real’ father was? For some people conceived from a sperm donor, knowing who their biological father is can be the puzzle to their identity and a DNA paternity test can be the key.

DNA Paternity Test and Donor Dads

Canadian film maker Barry Stevens made a documentary called My Sperm Donor Dad, which followed his search for his real father. At the age of eighteen he discovered that he had been conceived through artificial insemination and he decided that only a DNA paternity test could prove who his biological father was.

Why Bother With A DNA Paternity Test?

It may be hard for some to understand why, when the only part the true biological father played in the person's upbringing was a sperm donation, it is important enough for people to seek a DNA paternity test in order to identify them. For Barry, however, he had a persistent yearning for the truth. The Canadian was in fact conceived in London and after extensive research and DNA tests he discovered an English and Jewish half brother. The half-brother’s parents had requested Jewish donor dad, so Barry discovered that he was half Jewish. Such revelations show beyond doubt that a DNA paternity test, and discovering who your biological father is, can be integral to a person’s sense of identity.

Impact On Identity

The Department of Psychology at the University of Surrey has investigated the impact on identity experienced by adults conceived from donor insemination. Many request a DNA paternity test, having sought out their biological fathers, to provide proof. Participants in the university study, who had not had a DNA paternity test or confirmation of their biological father, reported mistrust within their family, lack of genetic continuity and frustration at being continually thwarted in the search for their biological fathers. The report suggested that psychotherapists should be aware of ‘identity issues’ with donor offspring.

DNA Paternity Test Provides Assurance

Without the assurance of knowing who their biological father is from a DNA paternity test, there can be some very obvious identity issues for donor offspring. One example is a girl who always wondered why she was so petite while her mother and grandma had such large frames. Things such as ey and hair colour can cause suspicion and make children feel like misfits within their own family unit. Discovering the truth via a DNA paternity test can mean everything suddenly making sense. Unfortunately, however, it isn’t always that straightforward. Many donor children are keen to meet their biological fathers and only recently has legislation been passed that means donors are no longer anonymous.

DNA Paternity Test Provides Final Proof

Being unable to locate a biological father can make a person distraught and many undertake their own detective work to find out who they are. The internet is a great resource for tracing people and there are many online communities available to those searching for their donor dads. Once found, a DNA paternity test provides the final proof for those seeking to complete their sense of self.

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