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Paternity Testing – Puff Daddy


According to a report in the NY Daily News, Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs has taken responsibility for his 6th child after paternity testing proved that he was indeed the infant’s father.

The results of paternity testing are extremely accurate and can discount a man from being a child’s father with 100% degree of accuracy and are extremely accurate at proving fatherhood; with a 99% level of certainty. After taking a paternity test, the rap star, Sean Combs, decided to take legal responsibility for his 6th child, even though admitting that the child was his caused problems with his relationship with long term girlfriend, Kim Porter.

Paternity Testing – Taking Responsibility

In this case, Sean Combs did the honourable thing by taking responsibility for his child, even though it caused untold problems with his relationship with girlfriend, Kim Porter. According to the report in the NY Daily News, the rap mogul initially denied that he was the father of the child despite the protestations by Sara Chapman, the child’s mother, that he was. Eventually, Combs agreed to undergo paternity testing to establish whether or not he was the child’s father and the paternity test proved that he was. Speaking to the NY Daily News after his fatherhood was confirmed, Combs was determined to be a ‘good father’ and stated, “At first, I wasn't sure if this was my child. Now that it has become clear she is I will take care of her for the rest of her life.” The use of paternity testing has proved very beneficial in this case and the child won’t have to grow up not knowing who her father is.

Paternity Testing – Answering Difficult Questions

Finding out answers when it comes to fatherhood can be a delicate subject but Sean Combs did the right thing by submitting himself for paternity testing and taking responsibility for the child. According to the report in the NY Daily News, the rap star and actor will continue to be a part of the child’s life and has negotiated visitation rights with the girl’s mother, Sara Chapman. Paternity testing is an important scientific tool and the practically infallible results that it provides are able to answer the question of fatherhood in disputed cases.

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