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Casual Sex in China Responsible for Increase in Paternity Tests


Paternity tests are becoming increasingly common in China as suspicious husbands seek to prove or disprove their wives' infidelity.  

Paternity Tests On The Increase

Applications for paternity tests at one Beijing hospital had risen by around twenty percent a year.

The China News Service reported that by mid-September there had already been two hundred paternity tests at the hospital and suggested that there would have been many more had the cost of the tests not been so high.

According to the investigation, most Chinese men are performing the paternity tests to find out whether their wives are loyal.

A doctor reportedly said that eighty percent of these paternity tests proved the husbands were the true biological fathers of their children.

Paternity Tests - Relaxing Society

This change in social behaviour began after attitudes towards sex relaxed following China's Western-style market reforms around 1978, and the doctor also said the paternity tests were the by-product of a more open society.

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