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Paternity Testing and Celebrity Love Children


Celebrities can seem untouchable, can’t they? They’re beautiful, wealthy and usually quite well-educated but they also often have turbulent love lives. When you’re in demand for your good looks and charisma from several interested parties it might seem like hard work staying loyal to one lover.So we understand that they like to put it about a bit. It’s hard to blame movie stars for all their celebrity love children! One way to solve the problem, which doesn’t involve neutering celebs, is to invest in paternity testing.

In fact we really love DNA-based paternity testing because it has been the crux of many a good infidelity story; here are just a few famous people who had to go to the lab to get their family-facts straight.

Michael Lohan’s Secret Fling

Lindsay Lohan has a reputation for talking candidly about her private life on her Myspace blog, but recently she scooped the tabloids with an unexpected tidbit of family history regarding her father. Lindsay said on her blog that Michael Lohan cheated on her mother many years ago and this meant she now has a half sister, who she approximated was the same age (or thereabouts) as her sister Aliana. It’s only a matter of time until someone makes money out of the revelation, who do you think will get there first?

Elizabeth Hurley's Baby's Daddy

Following her high–profile relationship with Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley found love with the wealthy and charming producer Steve Bing. However, when Elizabeth found herself pregnant a year later Bing took a step back from the situation saying that because they weren't exclusive the baby may not have been his. Around the same time, a private investigator hired by an entertainment mogul called Kirk Kerkorian grabbed some of Bing’s used dental floss from his trash to prove that Bing was the father of Kirk’s ex-wife’s baby. Sure enough Bing was the baby's daddy for Kirk’s ex-wife and after that paternity test was done, another proved that Bing was the father of Liz Hurley’s baby too.

Gavin Rossdale’s Surprise Daughter

It came as a huge surprise to Gavin Rossdale and his wife Gwen Stefani when it was revealed that he too had a love child. When Gavin Rossdale was 23 he had a short-lived fling with his then close friend Pearl Lowe (who had a boyfriend at the time). Thinking she’d become pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby she carried it to term and made her friend Gavin the little girl’s godfather. As Daisy developed into a young girl Pearl grew conscious of her facial similarities to Rossdale and paternity testing proved that Daisy was actually his.

Mel B and Eddie Murphy

The story of Mel B and Eddie Murphy is a little bit loaded with sour grapes. Eddie and Mel had a 7 month relationship before breaking up whilst Mel was pregnant. Speaking on Dutch TV, Eddie said he wouldn’t be sure of the paternity of Mel’s baby until paternity testing was carried out and shortly after that, it was. The verdict: Eddie was indeed the father. His reaction: Eddie said publically that he thought he was tricked in to having a baby; deciding he didn't want to meet baby Angel until she was 18 and he could see her without ‘interference.’

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