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DNA Testing – Oprah Winfrey


DNA testing has become a very big attraction for black Americans, including lots of celebrities. When Oprah Winfrey took a DNA test in 2005, she made it known that she was a member of South Africa’s Zulu nation. Oprah also said that she was a member of the Zulu tribe during a trip to South Africa. Winfrey is an African American but the DNA test can now show where our ancestry lies.

DNA Testing Confirms Identity

The DNA test confirmed for the chat show host  a new sense of identity – she said she felt very much at home in South Africa. The BBC reported her saying: “I went in search of my roots and had my DNA tested, and I am a Zulu.” She revealed this to candidates at a seminar held in Johannesburg.

DNA Experts Question DNA Test

But DNA experts have raised some doubts arising from her claim that her DNA test revealed she was of Zulu origins. They state that genetic lineages do not correspond exactly to any cultural or linguistic groups such as the Zulus. However Winfrey said she felt a link to South Africa and also said that wished she had been born there.

DNA Testing Attracts Celebs

DNA testing has attracted many celebrities and also many high profile black Americans. A TV show in America called African American Lives, searches into DNA testing and genealogy. Famous celebrity names who took part in the show included comedian Chris Tucker, Whoopi Goldberg as well as Oprah Winfrey. The TV show sent ripples through the African American community and DNA testing became extremely popular and sought after amongst black Americans eager to trace back to their roots.

Finding Their Roots

USA Today newspaper ran features on black Americans who desperately wanted to find their roots. Stories included profiles on people who had been abandoned at birth or brought up in foster homes and who knew nothing at all about their African-American roots. DNA testing gave them the opportunity to at last find a way to find out more about who they were and where they came from. As descendants of slaves, black Americans have had great difficulty tracing their family histories, but new advances in DNA testing allows more African Americans to connect with their long gone and unknown ancestors.

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