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Mel Gibson Agrees to Paternity Testing


Hollywood actor and controversial movie producer, Mel Gibson, has requested that Paternity Testing is carried out on his partner's unborn child.

Although the 53-year-old Australian, who is famous for blockbuster movies such as Braveheart and The Passion of The Christ, is said to be deeply in love with his partner, Oksana Grigorieva, he wants paternity testing to prove to other family members that he is the father. Indeed, some elements of the Gibson family believe that Oksana is little more than a gold digger, so it is hoped that paternity testing would at least settle any doubts over the baby's parentage.

The issue of whether or not Mel Gibson is the biological father of Oksana Grigorieva’s unborn child is largely one of money. In many instances of paternity testing financial matters are a factor but social concerns take precedence. If there is any doubt over the biological father’s identity, the main person to suffer will be the child itself. It is important that children are raised with an understanding of where they come from, which helps to shape their perception of who they are as individuals. Furthermore, the uncertainty surrounding the identity of a child's father can have a significant, lasting and damaging impact on the mother in a social context - potentially creating a situation in which both mother and child are isolated from those who should be closer to them. Equally, it is essential that a candidate father knows whose child he is raising - paternity testing provides him with the knowledge of whether he is the father or not, which is obviously the critical question that ought to be answered.

In Mel Gibson’s position, however, the social impact on his life is less important than the financial concerns of his family. Indeed, Mel Gibson appears to be in no doubt that Oksana's unborn child was of his making, so the paternity testing is aimed of settling the doubts of those already in line to inherit a proportion of his sizeable fortune, which is estimated to be worth some $1 billion. With that kind of money on the line, it is not surprising that one or two of Mel Gibson’s seven known children are concerned that their inheritance will be dented by the arrival of a new bundle of joy. Thus, claiming that Oksana is merely after Gibson’s fortune is a naturally defensive position to adopt - but can paternity testing actually resolve the matter?

The strict answer is no. Not because paternity testing does not work, because it does. However, paternity testing can only include or exclude a candidate father as a possibility - it certainly cannot determine whether somebody is a gold digger or not! DNA tests on the candidate father will be able to exclude him as a possible father with 100% certainty. Identifying the father can only be accurate to an extent (eg. 99.9999%) - meaning that there is a 1 in 100,000 chance of the DNA results being matched by another random male.

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