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DNA Paternity Test – Don’t Live in Ignorance


A DNA paternity test can have substantial emotional implications but knowing the truth can be of paramount importance for fathers and children alike.

Rise In Number of DNA Paternity Tests

Figures from the UK and across the western world show an increase in the number of children born to couples who are not the biological offspring of the alleged father. This could be due to more couples taking DNA paternity tests and revealing greater discrepancies, or to increasing instability in relationships and marriages.

Avoiding a DNA Paternity Test

Many claim that nurture is more important than nature and that a DNA paternity test can only cause suffering. DNA paternity tests are taken for a variety of reasons – for child support or other legal definition; diagnosis of genetic disorders and also for confirmation of suspected infidelity – but there is little doubt that these DNA paternity tests can bear a few surprises. When a man discovers he is not the father of a child following a DNA paternity test, it can break up families and confuse and hurt children who thought they knew who their parents were. that said, though, censoring the truth or avoiding taking a DNA paternity test is not necessarily the answer.

Suspicion and Doubt

Avoiding a DNA paternity test can be equally damaging, casting doubt and suspicion that can also cause damage to families. A report by the Liverpool John Moores University team stated that up to one in twenty-five UK fathers could be raising another man’s child without even knowing it, but there is an increasing shift towards the rights of child and it is now recognised to be in their interests for them to know their true biological parents. This is clear in the UK where they have now removed anonymity from sperm donors so the resulting offspring know the identity of their biological fathers.

DNA Paternity Test – Establishing the Truth

Using a DNA paternity test to establish the truth can offer men and children more informed decisions. Paternity can never be considered 100% certain without a DNA paternity test. Society has always had issue with the paternity surprises but thanks to new technology in the form of DNA paternity tests there is now a way to solve the problem and lay doubts and suspicions to rest. Paternity surprises do occur and many sociologists believe the best way to address this problem is by facing the truth, rather than hiding it and living a lie.

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