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DNA Testing – The Last Crusade


According to a report on the BBC, DNA testing has been used to discover that medieval crusaders left genetic traces across the Middle East. DNA testing is an extremely accurate means of tracing heritage and lineage. DNA testing is being increasingly utilised to discover the mysteries of the genetic make-up across various countries and continents. The team behind the discovery of medieval crusader DNA being found in the Middle East, the Genographic Project, believe that it represents a major breakthrough when it comes to tracking human migration via DNA testing.

DNA Testing – Leaving a Legacy

According to the study by the Genographic Project, they were able to discover through DNA testing that some Christian men in Lebanon carry DNA that is associated with Western Europe and that this is probably a legacy left over from the Crusades. Between the 11th and 13th centuries, there were four crusades across the Middle East and DNA testing conducted recently discovered that these crusaders left a legacy across the region. According to the report on the BBC, the DNA testing carried out by the Genographic Project discovered that Lebanese Muslim men were more likely than their Christian counterparts to carry a particular genetic signature but emphasised that the two religions did overwhelmingly share a common heritage in Lebanon.

DNA Testing – Science Meets Religion

The study conducted by the Genographic Project focused on the male ‘Y’ chromosome and conducted DNA testing on 926 Lebanese men and were surprised to learn that patterns of male genetic variation tended to relate more to religious lines than geographical ones. Speaking to the BBC, the director of the Genographic Project, Dr Spencer Wells, stated, “This is odd because typically we don't see this sort of stratification by religion when we are looking at the relative proportions of these lineages - and particularly immigration events.” The Genographic Project began DNA testing Lebanese men in 2005 and their findings have created much interest in the region and its genetic lineage.

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