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Get a Paternity Test from Who’zTheDaddy?


If you want to get a paternity test you may be looking in to the subject more widely. There are lots of different ways to have paternity tests carried out and considering some of the reasons other people have opted to undertake them and how they’ve gone about it, could be useful for you.

It’s not stressful or complicated to get a paternity test because the process is relatively simple. To prove that someone is or isn’t the father of a child, samples of DNA are compared in a laboratory and where there are sufficient identical markers the two people are proved to be related whilst, where there are insufficient correlations between the DNA markers, the two people are not related.

The answer which scientists provide is more than 99.9% accurate, so it stands irrefutably as evidence in a court of law. Paternity tests are not available on the NHS and they’re a service that people have to pay for, even if they undergo court ordered tests. The only cases in which people can undergo paternity testing and not have to pay for it themselves are situations where the government has assisted with legal fees. That means finding a reputable company which provides reliable, accredited services at competitive prices is essential.

Get a Paternity Test - Emotional Interests

Some rulings and ethical guidelines dictate that the paternity test should be carried out with the child’s welfare in mind. Although in some cases even adults opt for paternity tests. The thing to remember is that the outcome of a test can hugely affect lives and to be prepared for the result to be either that which is expected or otherwise. After all, such important results can have vast emotional consequences for all the parties involved. The NHS can’t pay for tests but they can offer counselling and support in the event that test results cause distress or complicated feelings.

Collecting DNA Samples

Samples will need to be collected from various parties: usually the child, potential father and mother will all need to give samples and their consent. The adults will need to fill out forms of ‘written consent’ so that their data is used legally. Children under 16 can have their consent forms filled out by the person who is parentally responsible for them, or their guardian.

Courts and Legality

If you want to get a paternity test for legal reasons then you might have been told to undertake testing by the court and they often dictate which approved testing lab will perform the test. The costs of tests can vary hugely between companies though, despite them performing the same services. This occurs for a few reasons, one reason is that while some labs are fully automated, other labs use human technicians and those technicians cost more to pay.

Research the labs thoroughly to choose one which is inexpensive and reputable with accreditation from the appropriate scientific bodies.

Who’zTheDaddy? offer a wide choice of DNA Tests services designed to provide accurate answers to emotional questions. Whether you are looking to verify paternity, confirm siblingship or research genealogy, for peace of mind or for legal use, we are able to provide the appropriate DNA Tests at the most competitive rates, confidentially and professionally.

Using state-of-the-art technology we are able to provide conclusive results on time, every time. Click here to contact one of our knowledgeable customer service advisors by telephone or email.

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