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DNA Paternity Test – The Emotional Impact


Advances in the DNA Paternity Test means it is easy for people to take a DNA paternity test – but there can be emotional fall out.

Thinking of a DNA Paternity Test?

whatever reason you may have for taking a DNA paternity test, it has never been easier. The usually method is to use a mouth swab to collect a sample which is enough to establish who the father of a child is, but before undergoing a DNA paternity test, it’s worth thinking about all the possible outcomes – especially if the outcome is not what you were hoping for.

Think Carefully Before A DNA Paternity Test

Whatever your circumstances, family issues and questions of parenthood are inevitably emotional issues. Paternity issues can induce feelings of rejection, low self esteem and identity confusion for the child in question. It's also possible for a child to pin all their hopes on the DNA paternity test revealing an idealised or romanticized image of their father. The reality can be much harsher. It’s advisable to consider counseling before you decide whether a DNA paternity test is right for you and your family.

Emotional Considerations

When a child is seeking its biological father, this can be hurtful to the stepfather, who could feel rejected. It is always worth discussing options at length with your family before a DNA paternity test is undertaken, and also worth remembering that even when the DNA paternity test proves who the father is, he may not want to meet his child.

Peace of Mind

Having different illnesses, looks or behaviours to their brothers and sisters may also lead some to believe a child has a different father, but such differences between siblings can in fact be quite normal. If you have serious doubts, than a DNA paternity test is the only way to achieve peace of mind. A DNA paternity test will prove whether there is a genetic relationship.

A DNA paternity test is as conclusive an outcome you could find, it:

    • Gives 100% proof that an alleged parent is not the parent of the child; or
    • Offers in excess of a 99.99% probability that they are the parent of the child.

    Access To A DNA Paternity Test

    Private individuals can now obtain a DNA paternity test relatively cheaply and quickly to resolve any questions they have. However, if an alleged father denies parentage you can ask the Child Support Agency to take action – which may involve a DNA paternity test ordered by the court.

    Private DNA Paternity Test

    If you are going to get a private DNA paternity test, ensure it is through a reputable company such as WhozTheDaddy?

    Who’zTheDaddy? offer a wide choice of At Home Paternity Test services designed to provide accurate answers to emotional questions. Whether you are looking to verify paternity, confirm siblingship or research genealogy, for peace of mind or for legal use, we are able to provide the appropriate At Home Paternity Test at the most competitive rates, confidentially and professionally.

    Using state-of-the-art technology we are able to provide conclusive results on time, every time. Click here to contact one of our knowledgeable customer service advisors by telephone or email.

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