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DNA Paternity Test – Donor Conception


Could a DNA paternity test be the answer to the identity crisis suffered by thousands of people?

Identity Crisis and the DNA Paternity Test

Obviously those who are infertile can suffer a great deal, but many did not anticipate the identity crisis that awaited children born from donor conception. New laws mean that post-2005 sperm donors can no longer be anonymous, but what about those before 2005?

DNA Paternity Holds The Answer

Thousands of children have been born without the right to know their biological parents or half siblings. The deep distress that this can cause was recognised by the government, which ruled that children created through donated sperm, eggs or embryos will have the right to know the identity of their biological parents when they reach eighteen. A voluntary contact register has been set up for those born pre-2005. With the help of a DNA paternity test, this could help many of these children find the answers they are searching for.

DNA Paternity Test Is Definitive

A DNA paternity test is the only definitive method a child can use to prove an alleged father is their biological dad. The change in law follows claims that the rights of the child take precedence over the rights of infertile couples to have children, and over the rights of donors to anonymity. Many people have previously turned to a DNA paternity test to corroborate years of detective work in tracking down their biological fathers.

Popularity of DNA Paternity Tests

Sperm banks have expressed concern that donors will run dry as young male students, who previously donated purely for money and accounted for around 75% of all sperm donations, will reconsider if they think they may be tracked down by offspring 18 years down the line. But as the popularity of DNA paternity tests shows, many children wish to locate their biological parents and half siblings and a DNA paternity test can work the other way too – for some donors, as time passes, they are increasingly curious about the identity of their offspring.

Identity Crisis

Donors who want to contact their offspring can register with organisations which aim to help connect the donor with their genetic parents. A DNA paternity test can confirm suspicions or any evidence collected by either party.

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