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DNA Testing Will Be The Norm


Scientists are predicting that DNA testing will be the norm in the near future for the diagnosing of diseases. DNA testing is  becoming increasingly popular – thanks to the consumer demand for DNA testing for such things as paternity tests , also the boom in genetic ancestry testing and the cost to carry out a DNA test is becoming increasingly affordable. The medical world believe that this will mean that personal DNA sequences will become a routine way of diagnosing diseases within ten years.

DNA Testing for Diseases

James Watson is the man who has pioneered DNA testing and genetics, he believes that doctors will use DNA sequences to improve medical care. As a result of this treatments will target more effectively a variety of illnesses which including cancer and mental illness. Professor Watson discovered the structure of DNA over fifty years ago.

DNA Testing – Advances In Technology

The advances in DNA testing and technology means it will become easier to sequence a person’s DNA. Currently it can take up to nine months and the work of many technicians but soon it’s estimated it may take as little as a week in five year’s time. DNA sequences could then be used in the diagnosis of genetic diseases, information which in turn could be used to protect the future of the unborn child from contracting these diseases.

DNA Sequencing Preventing Cancer

Cancer is one of the biggest diseases that scientists and doctors have been striving to cure. It’s considered that DNA testing will be used in the future to help to treat cancer. Diagnosing what is wrong in a person’s DNA means preventative treatments could be enforced. When DNA testing becomes less expensive, its thought women will be able to test to see if they have the gene that makes them more prone to breast cancer or ovarian cancer. If they have the defective gene, they can take certain preventative steps such as having a hysterectomy after having children to prevent the ovarian cancer.

DNA – The Medical Future

Professor Watson also estimates that the DNA testing and sequencing will help to find genetic roots for mental illness. Advances in DNA testing could have  a major impact on medical treatment in the future, which in turn could extend the lifespan of humans  as  to improve the quality of those years.

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