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DNA Testing in the Healthcare Sector


DNA testing is commonly used for criminal investigations or to determine family relationships, but is also important in healthcare research. Generally when we hear about DNA testing, it is in the context of paternity suits or criminal procedures, usually on the television or in films, but the process also has wide-ranging and valuable applications in healthcare.

DNA Testing For Drug Reaction

Many people react to everyday prescription drugs, maning that either the drugs don’t work for them at all or that they may have adverse reactions, causing damaging side-effects and sometimes even death. DNA testing allows us to identify whether an individual metabolises drugs normally, or if they have a problem which may have an effect on the medicines prescribed.

DNA Testing and Hereditary Cancer

For patients showing a history of hereditary cancer, and where circumstances indicate the potential for cancer to occur, DNA testing may be used to identify whether the patient is susceptible to one or more types of cancer so that pro-active treatment can be made. DNA testing is not advised for those without hereditary history, as it is unlikely to show any predisposition.

DNA Testing For Accurate Diagnoses

There are cases where DNA testing can be used to ensure more accurate diagnoses, particularly where symptoms are characteristic of more than one serious disease. In these cases DNA testing may be able to isolate the relevant disease and enable the patient to receive the right treatment earlier than may have otherwise been possible.

DNA Testing To Identify Organ Donors

Where organ donors are required DNA testing can help to determine those donors who are most suitable. Some organs are more likely to function well if they are donated by someone who shares an element of DNA, say a family member or more distant relative. DNA testing will show whether or not the donor is suitable.

DNA testing brings many practical benefits to the healthcare system and to its patients and, due to its prevalence in many areas of research, it will continue to do so. Although a DNA test can only check for one thing at a time, and may therefore rule things in as well as out, it has earned an important place in the healthcare sector.

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