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DNA Test – Where In The World Are You From?


A DNA test can help you to unearth your genetic ancestry. With the advance of science we are becoming increasingly interested in how it might help us learn more about ourselves. A DNA test, most commonly associated with paternity suits and criminal investigations, can help you to get to the root of your biological origins.

DNA Test - The Importance Of Family

Our immediate family is important to us and offers a key source of information on why we live where we do, talk like we do, or have particular talents. The stories and experiences of older members of the family offer insights into their their sacrifices and living conditions and an indication of how life has changed over a couple of generations.

Imagine if you could trace your ancestry back much further, not through names and dates, but through the genetic make-up of your own body. Wouldn't it be fascinating to learn where your paternal or maternal ancestry comes from, to trace your existence back across hundreds of years to definite geographical regions?

How A DNA Test Can Help

DNA is passed down through generations and no matter how many people there are across the world the sheer volume of DNA collected since its discovery can show how your genetic material is related to that of people who lived many years ago across many countries. A DNA test will be able to detail your ancestral makeup, for example you might be 90% European with 5% African and 5% Asian, or your DNA could show that you are mostly East Asian with some Native American. Whatever results you receive, it could form the beginning of an exciting journey on which you discover more about your ancestors and where in the world they came from.

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