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DNA Test - What Questions Can It Answer?


The DNA test has many uses but a common question that occurs amongst those outside the scientific community is ‘what can a DNA test actually prove about my family?’. We all have DNA; it is the building block of life but many outside of the sphere of science are unsure as to what kind of results a DNA test is capable of yielding. However, with the over increasing popularity of DNA and paternity testing, the DNA test is coming into the public arena ever more and it is important to understand just what type of information it can provide those who are looking for answers.

DNA Test - From Aunty to Uncle

The most common use of the DNA test is to establish some sort of family link and it is an extremely successful medium for achieving this aim. A DNA test can prove with 100% accuracy if two people are not related and with 99.9% accuracy if two people are related. A DNA test can be used to establish links in the following circumstances:

  • Paternity Cases - Establishing paternity is amongst the most common uses for a DNA test. If a child is related to the alleged father, then their genetic code will match the father’s perfectly
  • Maternity Cases - Obviously more rare than a paternity test but works in exactly the same way. This type of DNA test can be useful in situations such as when an adopted child and mother are reunited, when a mother conceives a child through in vitro fertilisation and when hospital staff fear that a baby mix up may have occurred in the hospital nursery
  • Y-DNA Testing - This type of DNA test is used predominantly in genealogy cases to uncover ancestry. The Y-Chromosome DNA test is used to discover a man’s paternal ancestors using the genetic code on his Y-Chromosome. It is particularly useful in discovering whether you are related to someone who has the same surname as you

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