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DNA Test – A Potted History


The term 'DNA test' is now part of everyday life but not too long ago the very idea was beyond our comprehension. For a long time the only way to tell if people were related was if they looked similar. Later, blood tests were used in paternity cases, but were not accurate enough to prove paternity without any doubt. The discovery of DNA and the development of DNA tests has had an impact on many aspects of our lives.

It’s Not As New As You Think

Although DNA tests and DNA itself are fairly recent discoveries, scientists were investigating the genetic relationship as long ago as the 19th century. Gregor Mendel, an Austrian priest, found that inherited traits existed in pea plants, and that they followed certain laws, which were subsequently named after him. Although often refered to as the father of modern genetics, the importance of his work wasn’t realised until the 20th century, when its rediscovery prompted further genetic research.

The DNA Structure

Discovery of the chemical structure of DNA came in the 1950s, by a team consisting of Francis Crick,  James D Watson, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin. This breakthrough by the British American team led to the founding of a new scientific area, called molecular biology.

Refinement and Application

With the chemical structure of DNA defined work began to discover more about DNA and what it could tell us. Watson and Crick proved that genes determine inherence, whilst other scientists were producing the Genetic Code, the DNA in test tubes, mapping the human genome, creating an adult animal, beginning to develope gene therapy and showing that DNA tests could accurately place people in certain places at certain times. The work and dedication of hundreds of scientists at the forefront of this branch of science has enabled us to reunite families, bring criminals to justice, treat illnesses and much more.

The Future

At WhozTheDaddy? we believe the future holds many wonders for DNA research and DNA tests. Advances in this area are bringing new benefits that can help to improve our lives and those of the people around us.

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