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DNA Test – Foundlings


A DNA test could help find the answers to common everyday questions - When were you born? What does your father do? What is your mother’s maiden name? This can be especially valuable if you are a foundling.

DNA Test and Identity

It is over fifty years since DNA was discovered and today the DNA test is more easily accessible to the public than ever before. Recent TV shows such as the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are and increasing interest in family ancestry, show that we have an endless fascination with our background. In additional to browsing various resources and the Internet, and tracing birth and death certificates, more people are opting for a DNA test to ascertain their identity. But what if you were a foundling?

Abandoned As Babies

Abandoned as babies, foundlings not only struggle with who they are but have to deal with rejection. Journalist Kate Adie, who was a foundling herself, has written much on the subject. The number of abandoned children in the world is quite shocking and reasons for this are quoted as being, “poverty, shame, inheritance and indifference.” A DNA test can confirm a foundling’s general identity. The BBC programme ‘Found’ followed the story of Julie Ayers, abandoned as a baby in 1966 in London. She set out to find her roots, applying to view her birth certificate and police records and then taking a DNA test that confirmed her belief that her father was genetically of sub-Saharan African origin and her mother was white European. She believed that tracing her parents would help her settle down emotionally.

DNA Test Is The Key

For foundlings who have clues to their natural birth parents, a DNA test can be a vital piece of their identity puzzle.

DNA Test In Search For Identity

Historically, foundlings were abandoned for reasons relating to poverty religion. Although conditions have improved for abandoned children, even those who had a happy outcome and were successfully adopted can still feel the emotional need to discover their past. And many, still searching for clues, use DNA tests in their search for identity.

DNA Test – Vital Clues

A DNA test can help unearth vital clues – for example, a woman abandoned in a phone box as an infant was approached by a woman who claimed they were half sisters; a DNA test would establish beyond doubt if they had the same mother and solve the mystery once and for all.

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