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DNA Test - Darwin Proves A Point


A recent DNA test on tropical fish may have put a feather in the cap of Charles Darwin. It calls into question the modern theory of how the species develop and supports Darwin’s theory of ecology being the driving force of speciation. Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species’ is the seminal work on evolution and an account in Live Science reports on a recent DNA test on tropical fish that goes a long way to validating the theories that he established centuries ago.

DNA Test - Natural Selection

The notion of Natural Selection was the crux of Darwin’s theory of evolution but recent scientific studies argued that, in fact, isolation was more pivotal to evolution than natural selection. The DNA test carried out on tropical fish on barrier reefs has shown, however, that Darwin was definitely accurate in his assumptions. Luiz Rocha of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, who conducted the DNA test told Live Science, "People started to think that isolation is more important than natural selection in creating species but differences in wrasses, a type of fish living in coral reefs, are best explained by the unique selection mechanisms of particular habitats, as opposed to some kind of physical barrier".

DNA Test - Darwin's Theories Ratified

The DNA test that unfolded in the barrier reef discovered that the DNA of the wrasses living in various habitats just 200 miles apart were more distinct than the DNA of wrasses with similar habit preferences that were living more than 2000 miles apart, separated by the Amazon barrier. The DNA test carried out by Rocha is not unique in its support of Darwin’s theory. There have also been tests on freshwater fish and lizards that give credence to his notion of an ecological or habitat origin of species.

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