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DNA Test – A Byword for Accuracy


Because our DNA is unique a DNA test can provide accurate answers to many questions. Being able to rely on the accuracy of DNA test results is vital, especially if they are to be used as as part of a legal process. You must be sure that the clinic you are using adheres to testing procedures that produce the accurate result you’re looking for.

Is My DNA Unique?

Unless you are an identical twin, your DNA structure will be unique; fifty percent of your DNA is inherited from your father and the other fifty percent from your mother so, although your DNA will be very similar to any siblings you may have who share the same two parents, it will still be unique to you. This is one of the things that make DNA analysis so useful in criminal investigations, and also one of the reasons individuals and legal bodies are usually content to rely on the results of properly conducted DNA tests.

What Can My DNA Be Analysed For?

When requesting a DNA test it might be for a number of reasons. One of the most common is determining the paternity of a child. A male unsure whether he is the father of a particular child might use a DNA test to help put his mind at rest. DNA samples taken from the male, the child and often the child’s mother will help to identify him as the father with a 99.9% accuracy, or reject him as the father with 100% accuracy.

A suspect or witness in a criminal investigation where authorities have recovered DNA samples may be asked to provide a sample of DNA to compare to those recovered at the scene, or from clothing or other items associated with the incident. A DNA test can completely eliminate a suspect from the investigation, or can be accurate enough to place them as the owner of the DNA sample collected.

DNA samples may also be required for immigration procedures or in helping you to make other family connections, although the more distant the relationship the less accurate the DNA test can be.

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