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DNA Test - Barking Baldrick


A bald dog named Baldrick taking a DNA test - has the world gone barking mad? So it would seem! Baldrick the dog recently had a DNA test to prove who his owner was after a row blew up over who owned the Chinese Crested puppy.

Pedigree Pup Gets DNA Test

The dog was nicknamed Baldrick by staff at a rescue centre in Telford due to him being almost bald, with just a tuft of white hair on his head. The centre placed a local ad appealing for the puppy's owner to come forward. The dog had been found abandoned and in poor condition a few months earlier.

Ownership Proven By DNA Test

DNA tests on pedigree pets is not unusual and in Baldrick's case some might think his £450 value may been the reason. A woman called to claim Baldrick, who had a litter of Chinese Crested dogs. A judge agreed to allow DNA test to see if he was from the same litter as the other dogs.

Compulsory DNA Test On Dogs In Germany

Meanwhile, in Dresden, Germany, politicians were keen to enforce a compulsory DNA test on all the 12,000 dogs registered in the city. They wanted to force compulsory DNA tests for all dogs so that any ‘deposit’ left on a pavement or a park could be tested and traced to the dog responsible, resulting in a fine for the dog’s owner. It was hoped that Dresden would become one of the cleanest cities in Germany as a result of the proposed DNA test scheme on dogs. Many residents previously unwilling to scoop up with pooper scoopers, despite the threat of financial penalties, would know the evidence against their canine friends would be indisputable.

Canine Rights

The idea of a DNA test for all dogs in Dresden received a majority vote among local politicians tired of putting their foot in it. The DNA test involves taking a simple swab from the mouth, providing a genetic fingerprint of the pooch. The idea that this infringes ‘canine rights’ was dismissed on the grounds that dogs had no rights over their data and could not object to the compulsory DNA tests, unlike humans.

DNA Test For ‘Stud Book’

In Australia stud dogs have had to undergo a cheek swab for a DNA test to prove their pedigree status prior to breeding. Dogs used for breeding stock will need this genetic ‘stud book’ according to the Australian National Kennel Council. DNA Testing will be introduced in stages, before becoming mandatory in January 2008. The aim of this DNA test on dogs is to prove a dog’s parentage and reduce the incidence of hereditary disease in purebreds.

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