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DNA Test - Atomic Bombshell


Kerry Katona, once of girl group Atomic Kitten, has challenged a man who claims to be her father to take a DNA test live on her television programme in order to prove that he is actually her father. Taking a DNA test to discover parentage is normally a private affair but that is seldom Kerry Katona’s style and she is demanding that the man claiming to be her father take a test on live television if he wants to find out whether or not he is the singer’s father.

DNA Test - Leaving It To Science

Many people claim to have a birth link to celebrities but the only true way to establish whether or not there is a connection is through a DNA test. A DNA test is an extremely accurate way of determining whether or not two people are related and they can provide nigh-on 100% accuracy in most cases. In the case of Kerry Katona, it is a 50 year old bus driver by the name of John Dowd that is claiming to be her father. Katona had previously rejected requests from the man to undergo a DNA test but now she has had a change of heart and stated she would be willing to perform a test on her TV programme.

DNA Test - How It Works

A DNA test is obviously a very scientific procedure but the actual DNA samples are very easy to gather. In most cases, the samples can be collected by swabbing the inside cheek and passing the swabs onto the scientists in charge of the DNA test. In terms of how a DNA test actually works; everyone has 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 in total). One half of the set is inherited from the mother and the other half from the father. During a DNA test, the laboratory will create a DNA profile of the child and compare it to the DNA profile of the alleged father. If the man is the child’s natural father then the DNA from his set of chromosomes will match the child’s identically. If, however, they don’t match after a DNA test has been carried out then it can be categorically stated that the man is not the child’s father.

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