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DNA Paternity Test - The Trouble with Twins


Identical twins have identical DNA so is a paternity test able to tell them apart?

A paternity test will usually be able to tell, with over 99.9% accuracy, if an alleged father is biologically related to a child, and a paternity test can be 100% accurate when rejecting someone as the father of the child, unless that someone is an identical twin.

When fatherhood is disputed between identical twins, courts, mothers, families and counsellors run into trouble - because there is no way to tell between them.

When A Paternity Test Isn’t Enough

The American media recently reported the case in which one of a pair of identical twins from Missouri was identified as being the father of a little girl. The twin identified as the father denied paternity and demanded a paternity test, declaring that his twin brother was in fact the father. In this case the paternity testing was not conclusive since the twins have identical DNA.

Paternity Test - Not Unique

In a similar case in 2004 a mother in Canada claimed to have had sex with identical twins on the same day. The child from the resulting pregnancy has grown up with one of the twins as his father and when the twin who thought he was the father went to court to gain access to his son the mother alleged that she had slept with both twins. A paternity test would not prove either the mother’s or the alleged father’s points, as the twins’ DNA is identical.

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