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DNA Paternity Test – Fears of Infidelity


The instability of modern family relationships is reflected in the recent increase in demand for a DNA paternity test.

DNA paternity tests in demand

It's common knowledge that that the stereotypical family of 2.2 children is now a thing of the past and relationships are no longer as straightforward as in the 1950s. Sperm and egg donors are able to assist gay couples and those suffering with infertility who want a family. As a result couples aren’t as likely to get married and marriage has even lost the sanctity it once had as celebrity marriages last months, weeks or even only days before failing. It is therefore no wonder that DNA paternity tests have become more in demand.

China’s increase in DNA paternity tests

The increase in demand for DNA paternity tests is a global phenomenon. News reports have revealed a twenty percent increase in applications for a DNA paternity test in China’s major city hospitals in 2004. The increase in DNA paternity tests in Beijing was said to be due to an increasing number of husbands suspecting their wives to be disloyal. The increased demand for DNA paternity tests was said to reflect the break down of modern family relationships and the instability of marriage.

Trust issues

This increase in DNA paternity tests highlights serious trust issues between husbands and wives across the globe. China News Service even said that if the costs were not so high there would be even more demand for DNA paternity tests.

DNA paternity test more accessible

In the UK it has become cheaper and easier to undertake a DNA paternity test and more and more people are opting for a DNA paternity test for medical, personal or legal reasons. A report by the Liverpool John Moores University team estimated that up to one in twenty-five UK fathers could be raising another man’s child without knowing it. A DNA paternity test could uncover the truth but the implications could be huge. According to researchers, demand for a DNA paternity test in the UK has increased ten-fold in the last decade. About 5,000 DNA paternity tests are demanded every year by the Child Support Agency alone, in order to resolve child maintenance arguments.

DNA paternity tests doubled in America

The number of DNA paternity tests un the US increased from 142,000 in 1991 to 310,490 in 2001. This increase in the number of DNA paternity tests can also be put down to the improved availability of the test to the general public and the heightened profile of DNA paternity tests on chat shows such as Jerry Springer, which regularly use DNA paternity tests live on air.

Careful consideration

The repercussions of a man finding out through a DNA paternity test that he is not the biological father can put enormous strain on a relationship. Before ordering a DNA paternity test, careful thought and perhaps even counseling are recommended.

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