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DNA Paternity Test - China’s Roman Hordes


China is a country of rich and ancient heritage. The residents of a remote Chinese village, however, are making the claim that they are descended from Romans. A DNA paternity test may hold the answers to this strange case.

A DNA paternity test is an extremely accurate way of determining ancestry and the lineage of a family and this method may prove crucial in establishing whether or not the claims of the residents of a remote Chinese village to be descended from Romans are erroneous or not.

DNA Paternity Test - A Chinese Riddle

There can be few stranger cases of paternity and lineage than that of the residents of Liqian in China, who claim to be descended from members of the Roman army. Their claims are not without basis, however, and their features display a number of Western characteristics such as green eyes, big noses and even blonde hair in some cases. A DNA paternity test could be the ideal way of establishing the reasons behind these anomalies.

DNA Paternity Test - From Rome to China

The extraordinary case of the remote Chinese villagers being descended from soldiers in the Roman army first came to light in the 1950’s when a professor of Chinese history at Oxford linked together reports from official histories that suggest Liqian was founded by soldiers captured during a battle between the Chinese and the Huns in 36BC and the legend of a missing Roman army led into a battle by Marcus Crassus, a Roman General. The residents of Liqian believe that a DNA Paternity Test could show whether or not their claims hold any substance.

DNA Paternity Test - Science Finds Answers

The theory that the residents of Liqian could be descended from Romans took over 40 years, from the initial speculation in the 1950’s, to reach China. This was due to strict regulations imposed by Chairman Mao during his reign that frowned upon any suggestion questioning Chinese lineage. However, a DNA paternity test style examination of the blood of some of the village’s residents is suspected to shed light on the situation. This strange case has split opinion and Professor Xie Xieodong of Lanzhou University states, "Even if they are descendants of the Roman Empire, it doesn't mean they are necessarily from the Roman army. The Empire covered a large area…so, anything is possible."

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