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DNA Paternity Test Helps Anxious Fathers


A DNA paternity test in most European countries is imposed on men via court orders, taken live on Jeremy Kyle-style shows, or done discreetly using a private DNA paternity test specialist. But in Germany, a new law has been passed by the German parliament to help men desperate to know whether their child is really theirs - without having to use private DNA paternity test companies.

DNA Paternity Test - New Legal Framework

The Deutsche Welle reports that men in the country who have doubts they are the biological father of their child can now go through a legal framework to establish paternity. The law shows how much the DNA paternity test is in demand; and for fathers and their children the consequences of disputed paternity can be damaging emotionally and financially. The new law allows German men to sidestep the courts and avoid having to resort to legal challenges in order to request a DNA paternity test against the will of his (alleged) child’s mother. The law also states that if a man takes a DNA paternity test and is not the biological father, he won’t have to sever his legal ties to the child - something that would have been automatic previously. This has far-reaching consequences for fathers who have bought children up as their own for, in some cases, many years.

Secret DNA Paternity Test Discouraged

Men in Germany can now retain a legal relationship in terms of paternity over a child they’ve raised, even if a DNA paternity test shows him not to be the true father. Prior to the law, it’s been estimated by the German Justice Minister that around 20,000 secret DNA paternity tests were taken every year. Unless a DNA paternity test is requested for a court hearing, they don’t necessarily hold any legal weight in Germany. However, the legislation means a DNA paternity test no longer needs to be taken in secret.

New German Legislation For Anxious Fathers

The law aims to make the DNA paternity test more open to try and limit the damage caused by secret testing. The legislation has been met with approval from legal experts in the country, one of which said: “This is a good day for all those men who have in the past struggled to escape the burden of financial responsibility.” However, the law did have some critics from left-wing parties in Germany who felt it failed to adequately protect the interests of the child. Deutsche Welle went on to report that an estimated 10% of children are being raised by men who are not their biological parent.

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