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Paternity Testing to Catch Out the Cheats


Paternity testing is carried out every day to establish fatherhood in thousands of cases across the world. Unfortunately, however, some try to trick paternity testing procedures but the scientists are way ahead of the game.

Paternity testing is the best means of establishing fatherhood as it provides virtually infallible results. A paternity test can establish with a 100% degree of accuracy if someone is not the father of a child and, conversely, it can reveal with a 99% certainty whether someone is the father. There have been a number of cases recently where people have tried to skew the results of paternity testing but it is a fruitless endeavour as scientists are wise to these underhanded methods.

Paternity Testing – Simple & Effective

The protocols behind how paternity testing are being altered after an attempted fraud attempt in 2007 which saw a man fill his mouth with another man’s saliva in an attempt to fool the findings of the paternity test. Paternity testing is a very stringent process and it is extremely difficult to get away with any sort of attempt to alter the results of the test. With reference to the case where a man filled his mouth with another man’s saliva, his deception was doomed to fail from the start. Speaking to Journal of Forensic Science, Dr Jose Acosta stated, “There was only one possible conclusion: In the mouth of that man there was DNA from two different persons.” Paternity testing is an important procedure and one that is quick and easy to carry out and which will provide evidence of fatherhood almost without fail.

Paternity Testing – A Reliable Procedure

Paternity testing is increasingly used throughout the world to establish fatherhood and as its popularity grows, so does its reliability. It is extremely difficult for anyone to outwit the paternity testing procedure without their fraudulent endeavours being spotted. Speaking to the Journal of Forensic Science, Dr Acosta stated, “We must highlight that the alteration of paternity testing is almost impossible without forensic experts realizing it, but this case aroused the interest of the scientific community [and] it raises the need of adopting special measures to prevent fraud.”

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