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At Home Paternity Test for John F Kennedy Love Child


An Austrian woman has recently alleged that John F Kennedy fathered her first son. The woman who is believed to have ties to the Hapsburg family claims to have had a tryst with the now dead US President shortly after he spent time in the US Navy. Her son, an art dealer called Tony Bohler is still living in the United States and has retired. According to his mother, a lady named Lisa Lannet, she first met the ex-president in a motel situated in Arizona.

Lanett has described JFK to many newspapers as a charming naval officer, recovering from a war wound at the time they met. She also has said that their secret relationship spanned two years and took place before he married his first wife. Speaking about the prospect of marrying John F Kennedy in an interview with an Austrian paper Lanett said that he had proposed but that she turned him down as she enjoyed her lifestyle as it was at the time. She also claims that despite this, he paid for their son's education at a Military Academy at Peekshill until 1963 when he was famously assassinated.

At Home Paternity Test

It is considered unlikely that the Kennedy family would allow DNA tests to go ahead, but if they did all it would take is a simple at home paternity test to confirm or deny Lisa Lanett's claims. Although DNA testing was not obtainable when Tony Bohler was younger, it is now and it could change his life. A small sample of blood or a swab from within the mouth is all it takes and Bohler's DNA could be compared with that of JFK's daughter Caroline who is presently in her fifties.

Whilst just a young boy, Tony Bohler believed that his father was his mother's ex-husband, who was a Mexican man. In interviews Bohler describes his father as being Mexican and looking it, while he himself looked dissimilar. Speaking in an article which featured in the Austrian Times, Bohler said: "My mother always told me her former husband Juan was my father. I'd always had my doubts because he, being a Mexican, looked very Mexican."

Vivid Memories of John F Kennedy

Lisa Lanett is now aged 87 years old and she relates her story with interesting accuracy. She claims she first left Austria in order to escape the country whilst it was occupied by Nazis in 1938. Living with her mother and finding comfort in Phoenix, she lived in a small motel. It was there that she met John F Kennedy who she described as "a young marine officer."

At this time, it is documented that John F Kennedy was staying at a motel in the town and that he had a back injury received from an attack by a Japanese boat. Lisa says that it was whilst they both were at the motel that their affair began and that this was also where their love child was conceived.

In an article published by the Austrian Times, Lisa spoke about the JFK we all remember, saying: "We met now and then, even when his political career had started and he paid all the costs of our son's education at the Military Academy at Peekshill near New York City."

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