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Who’zTheDaddy?™ offer a range of sibling testing services including X-Chromosome Testing. This test is carried out strictly between female test participants who wish to establish the exact nature of their sibling relationship. X-Chromosome testing is, in most cases, carried out by females who want to confirm whether they have been fathered by the same man.

Science behind the test

Our test is based on a 10 genetic marker profile. Whether you can carry out this test or not very much depends on whether the individuals tested share the same biological mother.

This test will help answer the following:

  • Are we half siblings?
  • Are we full siblings?
  • Are we not siblings at all?


If siblings share the same biological mother, they can only carry out this test if they include the mother’s DNA sample. We are unable to offer this test if individuals wishing to be tested do not have access to the mother’s sample. If this is your case, you will need to take a sibling test. More information can be found by visiting this page.

If siblings are sure they have different birth mothers, they can carry out this test without the need to include any samples from the mother.

We strongly recommend paternity testing if the alleged father’s sample is available. This test is far more accurate and cheaper than an X-Chromosome test. A paternity test result will provide you with a 99.99% probability of paternity in cases where the alleged, tested father is the biological father of the child. Click here for more about paternity testing.

Paternal Grandmother & Granddaughter

The X chromosome test can be used between paternal grandmother and granddaughter as they must share one X chromosome. This shared X chromosome is the one that the grandmother passed to her son and he, in turn, passed to his daughter. We only need DNA samples of the paternal grandmother and granddaughter for this test. We require no other samples in this particular case.

Sample Collection

A sample collection kit is provided for clients to collect their samples. Each test participant will have 2 mouth swabs which they need to use. The sample is collected by rubbing the swab against the inside of the cheek. All required forms and instructions are provided in our kit.

This test is a home, peace of mind test. X-Chromosome testing can even be offered for legal purposes. If you wish to present your results in court, the results of a home test will most probably not suffice and you should opt for a legal test.

Results and Pricing

An X-Chromosome test for the testing of 2 females is offered at £329. Results are available in 15 working days (note that your result due date is calculated from the moment we receive the DNA samples at the laboratory).

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

Your test can be ordered directly from our order page. If you have any questions or queries about our test, you can Contact our Office.

The results of this test clearly display the X-Chromosome profiles of all the people tested and determine whether there is a match or no match between the profiles. This test is an X chromosome Short Tandem Repeat test (X-STR) and relies on the analysis of short repeated sequences or units of DNA.


What is X-Chromosome Testing?

A test, in most cases, carried out by females who want to confirm whether they have been fathered by the same man

How much is it for X-Chromosome Testing?

Our X chromosome test is offered at £329 for testing 2 females.

How long will the results take?

Results are available in 15 working days, from the day we receive in the labs

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