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Begin making smart lifestyle decisions based upon your DNA and genetic makeup with the Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test. If you ever found yourself curious as to why you do the things you do, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the reason you have certain unique traits and habits are in large part due to our genetic makeup. Arm yourself with the knowledge regarding your genetic makeup and begin making smart lifestyle decisions based upon your DNA with the Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test. The test is available from £99 and all we need is a DNA sample collected using a simple mouth swab.

About this Test

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what our genes have to say about our lifestyle, habits and characteristics and if we could learn how to best work in harmony with our DNA instead of against it? A Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test will enable you to unleash the power of your genetic make-up and discover interesting facts about your predispositions for certain behaviours, conditions or traits. In this test, your genetic material will be analysed to provide you with a comprehensive set of results that answers many of the questions people have about themselves, their cognitive capacity, their athletic abilities and physical attributes.

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Results From the Test

In about four to six to eight weeks after you submit your kit, we will issue your results. The results contain the following information and much more.

  • Memory – this DNA test can reveal your genetic potential for memory ability. Do you have a photographic memory? How well do you recall events or instructions? Knowing this information can help in your job, studies and daily life.
  • Morning/Night person – some people are morning people, while others thrive at night. Believe it or not this factor is directly determined by your DNA. Find out how you can get more done and make career choices that fit your biological clock.
  • Learning Methods – your DNA dictates how you learn. So if you feel you learn better from past events, or if you happen to be an aural or visual learner, your DNA has all of the answers locked up just waiting to be discovered.
  • Athletics – what is your athletic genetic profile? Do you think you are a better sprinter, a sport which requires high outputs of energy in a short time, or perhaps better at long term endurance sports? Understand your power and endurance activities and how these require different kinds of muscle strength and activity.
  • Social Preferences – when some people have problems they like sorting them out alone, while other like having friends to talk to. If you have always wondered why you are socially awkward when something is bothering you, this test might be able to tell you why.

Special Offers

The price for our Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test is just £99. We also offer a special discount if you take 2 Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Tests – just £188 for both.

There is a lot to learn about your body. Begin understanding your genes’ true impact on your wellbeing and health. Get your Wellness and Lifestyle DNA Test today.

Science behind the test

Every person has two copies of each gene, one inherited from their mother and one from their father. Your genes contain instructions for building everything about you: your eyes, hair, and skin colour, your tendency to gain weight, your athletic tendencies, the likelihood towards developing addictions or diseases, as well as your other unique characteristics. Although as humans, we all share the same DNA there are a small number of genes which are slightly different between people. These small differences contribute to each person’s unique features and tendencies.

Sample Collection

We will send your sample collection kit once we have processed your order. Kits contain mouth swabs, instructions and sample collection envelopes. You will also have consent forms authorising us to test your samples. Collecting DNA samples is quick and painless. You just need to rub the swabs inside the mouth for about 30 seconds. Once they have air dried put them in the DNA sample envelopes and seal them up. Finally, put the DNA envelopes back into the reply envelope and send it to us for analysis. Results are ready in 6-8 weeks from receipt of samples.


What is included in your DNA sample Collection Kit?

  • 4 swabs per person
  • Instructions on how to collect the DNA.
  • A return, pre-paid envelope and shipping label addressed to us.
  • Consent forms
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