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With our weight and wellness DNA testing your health and weight goals is now a reality. Our personalised test means you can now tailor your diet based upon your unique genetic makeup. No single diet fits can work for everyone. Take hold of your wellbeing today! Reach your weight loss targets by taking the right steps.

Losing weight can be expensive and all those trial and error diets a waste of time.Your detailed, personalised report will be sent to you within 4 weeks.

The questions our weight and wellness test can answer

Achieving your weight and wellness goals can be hard work and many questions remain pretty much unanswered. But our DNA test can help you answer those questions:

  • Why do people on the same diet get such different results?
  • How can I best manage my main health concerns?
  • Am I genetically predisposed to craving and thus over eating?
  • If I wish to maintain my weight, what should I be eating and what should I be avoiding?
  • What vitamins and supplements do I actually need?


Science behind the test

Your genotype (your specific genetic makeup) codes for thousands of traits. Traits include some of our physical characteristics,such as eye colour or other characteristics such as disease predisposition, our tendency to deposit fats or cholesterol and many, many more. Our DNA is composed of complex sequences of molecules known as base pairs. These sequences are highly structured and they code (in other words they give instructions) for the production of proteins, including enzymes. Sometimes certain “errors” occur which alter the DNA sequences thus effecting the instructions these sequences would normally give to the cell. These changes in DNA sequence are known as SNPs and understanding your genotype and its SNPs may help you understand your health and health related issues on the level of genes.

The summary of the finds highlighted in your report are:

  • Your General Obesity Index
  • Your Food Choices
  • Your Exercise and Activity
  • Your Health and behaviour/attitude towards food
  • Vitamins and health supplements


Results of your weight and wellness test

The Weight and Wellness Profile is a user-friendly guide that gives information on particular trouble spots, dietary guidelines, and exercise recommendations that can help them make immediate and effective life changes.

Sample Collection

Provide us with an oral swab sample and we will unlock the answers to all the above questions. Samples collected by means of oral swabs are very quick and painless to collect. All you need to do is rub the swabs on the inside of the mouth for ten seconds and then allow these to dry for around an hour. Prior to collecting samples we suggest rinsing the mouth with water. You will also find some forms inside the kit which need to be filled out and returned with your samples to the laboratory. Samples returned without these forms duly filled out cannot be processed and will be put on hold until the forms are returned.

Important note:
Ideally, before taking this test, you should consult a genetic counsellor or qualified nutritionist. This way you can better understand the results and maximise how to use them.


What is this test?

Our personalised test means you can now tailor your diet based upon your unique genetic makeup

What is the cost of the test?

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How long will the results take to finish?

Your detailed, personalised report will be sent to you within 4 weeks.

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