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There are around 78 million pet dogs in the USA and around 9 million in the UK. Dog owners have a legal obligation to clean up after their dogs but the problem of uncollected dog poo is still a big problem in certain areas. Warning letters, notices and mandatory fines don’t seem to always do the job. But Dog poop DNA testing can really put an end to this problem, help find out which dog pooped it and who didn’t scoop after their dog. This test is the ultimate, scientific and indisputable way of tracking down those irresponsible dog owners.

Dog poop DNA testing can be used in instances where there are problems with dog poop left lying around and dog owners not removing and disposing of their pets waste in areas such as:

• Public roads and footpaths
• Areas around shopping centres
• School/sports grounds
• Beaches
• The immediate area surrounding another person’s house
• Communal areas in blocks of apartments

The problem with Dog fecal matter

Dog feaces are teaming with millions of germs. They pose many health hazards especially to those who come into contact with them – pregnant women, the elderly and young children are especially vulnerable to the health risks posed by dog poop. Dog fecal matter can contain a host of parasites, viruses and bacteria including: parvovirus, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, threadworms, campylobacteriosis, giardia, and coccidian. For more information about diseases associated with dogs that can be transmitted to humans visit the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention.

Science behind the test

DNA stands for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid. It is the building block of life and carries all the genetic material we need to survive. All mammals, including dogs, share a large part of their DNA. However, some of this DNA is unique and varies from dog to dog or mammal to mammal. This uniqueness in DNA makes it possible to use DNA as means of identification in much the same was as finger prints are used in human beings. Once we have the DNA sample, the laboratory will extract the DNA profile and run it against the DNA profiles of all the dogs in the database. If a match is found, you have your culprit and can slap the owner of that dog with a fine.

Sample Collection

All dogs in the community will need to have their DNA sampled in order for a dog DNA database to be compiled. All dog owners will need to have their dog sampled. The database is crucial as it will be the point of reference for all unscooped dog waste. The kits we provide contain the required material to collect a sample from all dog owners and send it for DNA profile extraction. The samples to be stored in the dog DNA profile database can be collected using mouth swabs – these are pretty much like cotton buds on a long stick with a single end having cotton wool (as opposed to normal cotton buds which have cotton on both extremes of the stick). We will provide the all-inclusive kits to collect the canine samples from all dog owners.

Sample Collection from the Offending Excrement

If dog mess is found a sample needs to be collected using a waste disposal bottle which we also provide. Whoever has found it, will need to fill out a form declaring where the poop was found, the time as well as some other information. DNA on poop is found mainly on the outside of the poop especially on the ends of the excrement and the best area to sample is the underside of the excrement which is in contact with the ground or underlying surface (this is because this is the part that is least exposed to air and which will have its DNA better preserved). Once collected using the spatula provided, place it back into the bottle and give it a good shake. The bottle can be placed in a zip lock bag provided.


Can the test be offered to anyone?

The test can be offered to local authorities, communities, organizations and businesses but we do not currently provide single tests on single poops. The dog poop test is not currently available to solve neighbour-to-neighbour disputes.

Will you always find a match in the database?

In some cases, there may be no match between the DNA sample extracted from the offending dog poop and DNA profiles of dogs registered in the database. This is usually due to the fact that the dog which left the offending mess is not registered in the database.

In most cases, the cost for the test will be passed onto the offender alongside a fine but this may not always be the case. It is up to the councils or enforcement entity to decide and agree on this.

What other canine DNA tests do you offer?

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