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Who’zTheDaddy?™ offer a cutting-edge baby gender prediction test that only requires a sample of the mother’s blood to determine the sex of your baby. This is a one-of-a-kind, scientifically validated test that can be carried out from just 9 weeks of pregnancy* (a total of 9 weeks must have passed since the first day of the expectant mother’s last menstrual cycle in order to take this test). A few drops of blood is all you need!

Please understand that Company Policy is that the results of the Pink or Blue® test are aimed at being used for curiosity, bonding and preparation for the new born baby. The results are not to be used for the purpose of gender selection.

Science behind the test

This baby gender test is 98% accurate* – it is far more accurate than an ultrasound which can only reach an accuracy of around 75%.

See how this test compares with other gender tests on the market:

Ultrasonography Blood Based Hormone based
Type of Sample collection Sample not required. Sonograms use sound waves Finger prick using sterile finger lancet Urine sample
Accuracy foetal anatomy survey is
98% accurate at 20 weeks. 75% accurate or less before 20 weeks.
85%-98% accurate at 9 weeks Debatable. The presence of sex hormones in a urine has been discredited by many doctors and scientists

Your results will show one of two possibilities:

– The analysis of the sample did not indicate the presence of male DNA (you are therefore expecting a baby girl)

– The analysis of the sample indicates the presence of male DNA (you are therefore expecting a baby boy)

*The duration of your pregnancy is marked in weeks. A total of 9 weeks must have passed since the expectant mother’s last menstrual cycle in order to take this test. If you cannot remember the first day of your last menstrual cycle, you may be able to use an online pregnancy calculator or ask your doctor to guide you towards an approximate date. You may use our pregnancy calculator to work out your dates.

*Important note

Pink or Blue® is conducted by Consumer Genetics Laboratory and advertises a 98% accurate at 9 weeks. This test has been validated by the laboratory to work starting at your 9th week of pregnancy (from your last menstrual period). The laboratory has a quality assurance program that continuously monitors the quality of its methods. There is a 2% error rate that is attributed to the home nature of the test and user error such as taking the test too early or not providing enough blood samples. The laboratory analysis relies on the detection of fetal DNA in the sample provided. However, levels of fetal DNA vary from pregnancy to pregnancy and there may not always be sufficient volumes of DNA in the 9th week to provide an accurate result. The volume of fetal DNA will increase with weeks of pregnancy which means the chances of success improve with increased gestational age. Our recommendation therefore is to take the sample at 10 weeks.

Sample Collection

Besides the levels of accuracy achieved by this test, another main advantage of the baby gender test is the ease and simplicity of sample collection. You can collect the blood sample using the lancet and giving the finger just a quick wipe with the alcohol cloth we provide inside out kit. Once you have collected the blood sample on our special absorbent cards, you just need to allow it to dry. Once you have completed the sample collection, you can send us back your samples using the pre-paid courier service included in the cost of your test.

It is imperative that clients use our kit as it is specially made for this type of test and includes the Biohazard Packaging required for urine sample shipment.


What is special about this baby gender test?

A cutting-edge baby gender prediction test that only requires a few drops of the mother’s blood to determine the sex of your baby.

Are there any precautions I should follow?
Our DNA test requires no special precautions but the following could affect the results of your test:

  • • Not being in your 9th week of pregnancy and taking the test earlier
  • • Storing the sample above 50°C
  • • Males should not be present while collecting your sample or come into contact with the urine sample in any way

Once received at the laboratory, only females handle your samples and these are tested in a section which is off-limits to males. We do this to exclude the possibility of any male DNA contaminating your sample.

How much is it for a baby gender test?

The test is offered at the price of £169.

When will I receive my results?

Results are ready in 8 working days following the receipt of samples at the laboratory. We offer an express testing service with results in 3 days for an additional cost.

What is your Refund Policy?

In the case that it can be proven that the result of the test is incorrect, we will provide a 100% refund. Refunds are only provided after the birth of the child and against a copy of the birth certificate. Please read our refund policy for full terms and conditions governing refunds.

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