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Begin your voyage and discover your BioGeographical Ancestry (BGA) with AncestrybyDNA™. Each one of us is a descendant of 4 major ancestral groups – which ancestral groups do you belong to? By analyzing you DNA, we determine which of these 4 important groups you share most of your DNA with, indicating your shared ancestry and origins.

Science behind the test

The four main, geographically distinct groups from which we all descend are:

  • European – This is a broad ancestral reference that includes not only Europeans but also South Asia (which includes India, Pakistan, etc) and the Middle East (which includes Western Asia and Egypt)

  • Indigenous American – Includes populations from North, Central and South America.

  • East Asian – This includes regions which today would include China, Japan, Korea and others.

  • Sub Saharan Africa – The Sahara desert is more than just an expanse of sand – it divides Africa and its people too are genetically divided depending on whether they are from the North of the Sahara or from below it. AncestrybyDNA™ examines groups from the Sahara downwards (hence why Sub Saharan).

Sample Collection

Ready to discover your ancestry? Provide us with a quick DNA sample using our home sample collection kit and the laboratory will do the rest. Samples are collected by means of mouth swabs which you just need to rub inside your mouth for thirty seconds. You kit will include a sample collection instructions, a consent form and a return envelope. Once samples are collected, leave the swabs to dry and then send them to us for analysis.

Our Guide To Ancestry Testing

Researching your genealogy can be fascinating but the huge variety of DNA ancestry tests available can make it a bewildering process. In this guide we aim to help you navigate the assortment of DNA tests and make the right choice for you. Here we provide a Beginners Guide to Ancestry Testing to help you better understand this area of DNA testing.


Can you tell me a bit more about the results of my test?

We test a total of 176 genetic markers in this autosomal DNA test. Your results will provide you with a colour, personalised PDF certificate of your own ancestry. This certificate will show your ancestral proportions which will be highlighted in the following way:

  • Your biogeographical results plotted in a table showing the percentage genetic commonality for each of the 4 groups mentioned above.
  • Your results plotted into a bar graph


Your result will also include a manual to help you better and more fully understand your ancestry results.

Whether as a gift, for personal interest, as a hobby, for fun and excitement or as a family document for generations to enjoy, our AncestrybyDNA™ test is the ultimate way of unraveling your ancient, ancestral roots.

How long will my results take?

Your results will be ready in 4 weeks from the moment your samples are received by us.

Can you suggest other tests to discover new aspects of my ancestry?

Are you keen on learning something more specific about your ancestry, perhaps about your maternal or paternal origins? Do you wish to trace your roots far back down your mother’s side or your father’s side? Why not read more about our lineage tests: click here for more about maternal lineage or click here for more about paternal lineage testing.

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