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"Just to say thanks for my test results, a big relief for me. I am very impressed with your company, the price and time it took was outstanding, and the quality of the report was way above expectations, very happy with your service, well done!"

- C.R. (read more...)

"Just a quick note to say sorry for the extra hassle we have caused and thank you so much for getting the results to us. I know we maybe jumped the gun with our expected timescales but this was simply based on the first test you did for me which was so speedy. Please pass on my thanks to your whole team for the great level of service we have received and the prompt email replies and the helpful calls we have had.

I would happily recommend your service to anyone I ever hear of that needs a DNA test doing."

- D. (read more...)

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News Reports

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A Byword for Accuracy

A Potted History

A Social Revolution

A Thing Worth Knowing

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How Much Is A DNA Test?

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Key Considerations

Living in Ignorance

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Vanity Fair

Wait For A Post-Natal Test

What Makes Us Human

What Makes You Who You Are

What's In A Name?

Where In The World Are You From?

Where To Get Support

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who's Your Daddy?

Why Athens Fell

Why Consent Matters

Your Rights

DNA Tests & Prices

Peace of Mind DNA Tests

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Court Approved DNA Tests

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Alternative DNA Sources


How to do a DNA test

Understanding your test results

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DNA?

Is DNA fragile?

How does a Paternity Test work?

How does the testing process work?

What should I look for when choosing aDNA testing company?

What is the difference between a Court Approved and a Peace of Mind DNA test?

At what age can a child be tested?

Is the kit easy to use?

How are the DNA samples taken?

Will I need to see a doctor or other professional?

How do I know that I'm collecting my samples correctly?

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Can the fee be billed to my credit card discreetly?

What do I do to get started?

Is the test confidential?

How can I keep the testing discrete?

Why do you run every test twice?

From where can DNA be extracted?

How long does DNA last from when the samples were taken?

How long is the DNA sample collection kit good for?

What is a mouth swab, and is it as accurate as blood?

Are the results conclusive?

Does the mother need to be tested to achieve an accurate result?

Can a relationship between an alleged father and a child beestablished without a DNA sample from the father?

What if the two alleged fathers are related?

Will the results of my DNA test be recognised legally?

How long will it take to receive my DNA test results?

Will the DNA sample be safe?

What help is available after the DNA testing is complete?

What can a Twin Zygosity Test be used for?

What can a DNA Identification Profile be used for?

What does the DNA Sample Collection Kit contain?

What is the consent form for?

How does the new law affect DNA testing?

How do I know if I have parental responsibility?

What about confidentiality of data?

Why is information regarding ethnicity required?

Do I have to provide information on ethnicity?

Can I order a DNA paternity test if the different parties to be tested do not live near each other?

Can I order a DNA kit if I live outside the UK?

Can a DNA Paternity Test be used to identify potential hereditary diseases?

What if I have more questions about DNA testing



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